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Founded in 2017, The Food Solutions Group is an on-demand food service provider that supplies custom tailored catering services to over 500 corporate customers across the UK. We are a growing company, and currently consist of three specialist enterprises – OfficeServe, Chiltern Foods and Jeanie Marshal Foods.

Our clients range from specialist office caterers, transport catering companies, hotels, schools, distributors, corporate offices, universities, wholesalers and more.

We are head-quartered in east London, with additional sites in Crawley, Heston and Aylesbury


The food service industry is historically laggard and fragmented when it comes to online purchasing and its associated logistics. We’re changing this through digital transformation of our entire operations, that lets businesses order flexibly, delivering tailored menus so they can offer first class food for any occasion.


Catering for your customers is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We offer consistent, exciting, flavourful and nutritious food, and provide ease of mind with the guarantee of food safety. Each order is tailored to individual specifications and an extensive range of vegetarian, vegan, gluten free and other options are available. Next day delivery, seven days a week

Our Focus

The Food Solutions group focuses on the following 3 key areas.


Digital Transformation is at the core of the Food Solutions Group. We provide a technology framework for companies within the Group to adopt and customise supporting them from the first step of digital transformation, and getting straight to the growth opportunities.

Creative Culinary

Customers want delicious, varied, customised and exciting food. All of our products are handmade and we pride ourselves on being very culinary based. We push ourselves and our clients by collaborating with highly regarded restaurant Chefs and sourcing the best quality ingredients.


The food service industry is historically laggard and fragmented when it comes to online purchasing and its associated logistics. The ability to deliver new logistics solutions to meet the supply-chain challenges of the “new demand” is a key strategic differentiator


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Our Professionals

At The Food Solutions Group we take pride in attracting the industry's brightest minds to form our distinct perspectives. It is their diverse set of skills, personalities and experiences that makes us what we are.

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Christoph Haschka

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Lewis Lovejoy

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Amie Harbron

Head of HR


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